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Name My Hero Academy: The Greatest Heroes
Category Action
Size 2.9GB
Popularity 4507
Publisher Komoe Game
Score 6.0
Publish Date 29/11/2021
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Mod Info:

My Hero Academy: The Greatest Heroes

My Hero Academy: The Greatest Heroes Game Introduction :

\”It\’s all right now! Why? Because I\’m here!\”

3D action mobile game \”My Hero Academy: The Most Powerful Heroes\” is officially coming!

At a time when most of humanity possesses an extraordinary ability called individuality, it is used by those with evil thoughts and by those with courage.

Heroes, a profession that used to exist only in people\’s imagination, have become a reality.

Born \”no personality\” of the young – Green Valley Out of the long, since childhood looking forward to the \”symbol of peace\” – Ermat, want to become the same great hero.

But can the \”faceless\” man realize his dream?

A story about him to become the strongest hero, officially launched!

Use your own \”personality\” to defeat enemy allied forces!

Each hero has his own unique super power \”personality\” : \”One For All\”, \”blast\”, \”half frozen and half burnt\”, \”no gravity\”… Launch your own \”personality\” skills, gorgeous and shocking performance. Change the course of battle and defeat the enemy! Smaaash~

Collect powerful heroes to experience a new story!

\”My Hero Academy\” all popular characters come on stage, collect powerful heroes, cultivate favorite characters to become the no.1 strongest hero! Animation world classic reappearance, open a new story, create your hero future!

3D open large map to explore the hero world freely!

3D open map, complete display of the city street scene; Use walls to move quickly and enjoy the game world; Various exploration Settings, rich mission branches, experience hero daily, emergency events, etc.

Free to explore, trigger unlimited possibilities!

\”My Hero Academy\” classic restore, the strongest hero officially attack!


Join the ranks of the greatest heroes now!


Reference configuration:

The minimum configuration of game operation is (some models may have poor performance due to different performance)

IOS: iPhone7 or later, iOS 10.0 or later

Android: CPU Snapdragon 660 or above, running memory 4G or above, system version 5.1 or above

To ensure a good game experience, the recommended configuration is:

IOS: iPhone X or later, iOS 11.4 or later

Android: running memory 6G or above, system version 8.0 or above, CPU Snapdragon 845 or above

※ The plot of this game involves sexual and violent plots, which can be classified as secondary 12 according to the classification management method of game software

※ This game is free to use, in addition to provide the purchase of virtual game coins, goods and other payment services

※ Please pay attention to the use time to avoid addiction

My Hero Academy: The Greatest Heroes Game screenshot :

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