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Name Middle-aged unemployment simulator
Category Role Playing
Size 63.2MB
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Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 17/08/2021
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Middle-aged unemployment simulator

Middle-aged unemployment simulator Game Introduction :

\”I, an ordinary middle-aged man, has a decent job in the city. I never expected that, just today, the company personnel department fired me. Thinking of the wife who takes care of two children at home and the parents of my hometown, I feel very stressed.\”

This is a [simulation] + [text] type game that limits the start to middle-aged unemployment. Everything in the game happens randomly and has a high degree of freedom. You can play in the way you like, with a variety of different endings. You will play the role of a middle-aged unemployed man who embarks on a cruel but wonderful social journey for the livelihood of a family of four and a mortgage of millions. Outside the 996 office building, there are clusters that you have never known before! Forest! Law! but!

You can explore freely in the city and meet random people of all kinds. Many random events and unique NPCs will show you the joys and sorrows of different people from all walks of life in the city. Through the friends you make, you can get a way to make money, you can exchange items with them, and even have a certain chance to expand more contacts. Various encounters in the city have a chance to help improve one\’s negotiation, search and other abilities, and provide motivation for subsequent hard work.

You can make money in various ways, of course, the thresholds, risks, and returns are quite different. You will never be short of ways to make money by selling your physical strength, but your income is very meager; you can find some easy ways to make money, but you need to use them cautiously, because they usually sacrifice your precious things; if you have some primitive accumulation, You can carry out some small transactions, but this is usually accompanied by risks; if you have a lot of money, you might as well try high-risk financial assets with explosive returns, whether \”bicycle\” or \”luxury car\” is just a matter of thought!

Your family will always be your solid backing, and their survival is also a sweet \”burden\”. The baby’s imported milk powder, early education classes, the wife’s long-cherished bag… the body of the parents in your hometown is also your concern. The various random plots of the middle-aged family, or bitterness, warmth, or helplessness, are waiting for you to explore one by one. When you become rich, how will your family relationship change?

Just like the real life, you can set the protagonist\’s life goal to pay off the mortgage, to make the family worry about food and clothing, to become the king of connections, to be on the wealth list, and so on. Freely plan your life after unemployment, let him be the beginning of a wonderful story!

Middle-aged unemployment simulator Game screenshot :

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