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Name Fantasy Mahjong World Voyage
Category Puzzle
Size 38.8MB
Popularity 7312
Publisher F. Permadi
Score 6.0
Publish Date 10/05/2022
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Fantasy Mahjong World Voyage

Fantasy Mahjong World Voyage Game Introduction :

If you enjoy Mahjong Solitaire tile-matching puzzles, then checkout our fantasy-themed version of the classic board game. Set in an unique world of wonders, our mahjong solitaire game has vibrant magic, RPG, and fantasy illustration tiles, accompanied by atmospheric visual effects and music. There are thousands of boards to challenge players, all free to play in your mahjongg journey.

About Mahjong Solitaire:
Mahjong Solitaire is a legendary tile-matching board game. It\’s a classic puzzle-game which challenges player\’s concentration and strategy. The goal is to match all the symbol-tiles on a board.

The game starts with the tiles arranged on the board, next to each other and stacked. The board vary in dimensions, forming structures such as pyramids, symmetrical, stacks, towers, abstract, or animal shapes. Every tile has a face or symbol or picture denoting its \”identity.\” Typically, in traditional classic Asian style mahjong solitaire, the symbols are circles, bamboos, Chinese characters, seasons, and dragon artwork. But in our version, they are colorful \”fantasy,\” \”role playing/RPG,\” and \”magic\” symbols.

Tiles with the same faces can be \”matched.\” Every tile has one or more tile with the same symbol to match against. Find those matches to solve the puzzle. When all the tiles have been matched, the player wins the game.

However, the game isn\’t as simple as it sounds. Like in classic mahjong solitaire, matches can only be made with \”free\” tiles (meaning tiles that have no tiles blocking their left or right side, and there\’s no tile above them). The challenge is to not end up with unmatched tiles.

Features of our mahjong solitaire:
* Classic and traditional based Mahjongg solitaire puzzle game, but with fantasy and magic theme. Free to play.
* Epic number of puzzles: over 3000 multi-dimensional majong boards, with varying tile symbols – free to play without In App Purchase. No tokens to collect and no locked levels. Pick and play any of the puzzles in any order.
* We put a lot of efforts to make the style special! The atmosphere is like a journey in a magical world of wonder. Special effects and vibrant artworks to enhance your tile-matching journey. Complemented by wonderful wallpapers, varied universe, colorful sets of stylish tile-artworks, and enchanting music.
* Play with simple tap and click interface: tiles can be matched with tap and touch. No complicated hands-coordination required.
* No timer. Relax and play with no pressure. (Player\’s best times are recorded so they can try to beat their previous records. But if you don\’t care about time, you can simply ignore it, relax, and keep playing for as long as you like.)
* Hint, shuffle, and rotate-board options to help in your journey with challenging boards.
* Virtually a new challenge every time, because the majong tiles are randomly placed by our unique solitaire-board-generator, the tile placements present new challenges.
* Customize and adjust the gameplay-style by turning on/off options, such as the option to highlight movable tiles by dimming non movable tiles.
* More challenges for players who enjoy winning by extraordinary wonders: match and clear the majung board without using the hints, shuffles, or tile-dimming features.
* Designed for mobile devices: we aim to make our app pleasant to use not just on tablets, but also on variety of mobile-phone screen sizes. The mahjongg board will scale to fit the device screen size.

To summarize… if you\’re looking for a mahjong solitaire game that differs from the classic numbers, dragon and bamboo tiles, then do check out our unique fantasy-themed version of the game. Take a journey to the fantastical, mystifying and enchanting world of wonder in Mahjong Fantasy; and feel the wonder of its unique ambiance. Solve puzzles, from fewer than 100 tiles to the challenging epic mega board containing over 300 tiles. We hope that you enjoy your mahjong-voyage experience.

Fantasy Mahjong World Voyage Game screenshot :

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